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LP12 (Sondek)

              1                                2                                3


1. Valhalla PSU Board

2. LP12 Internals, later style (borrowed photo)

3. Older style LP12 (mine)


The Beast (JVC-711U Hi-Fi S-VHS Duplicator)


Got this monster off Ebay with the intention of using it for 'Mastering' my vinyl onto tape (being something of an Analogue freak).  It is a professional quality Hi-Fi stereo, S-VHS duplicator normally used for commercial bulk copying of Video's and the like, comes complete with outboard test points and weighs in at a hefty 48Lbs !!.  - think I need a new rack, wonder if Mana would be up to the job - LOL

Not sure if many people have tried using a VCR as an audio recording medium but I can thoroughly recommend it, the bandwidth on this beast stands at about 90+dB, and Dolby is not required.  I have used it to record both Analogue (Records) and Digital (CD's etc) and there is NO difference in quality between the original and the recording.  You don't need to go this far though, any decent quality VHS or S-VHS VCR will do fine as long as you can vary the Audio input level.

Lenco Rebuild

   Just Unpacked            Original Tonearm        Under the Platter      Full Metal Idlerwheel


   Large Platter              Tonearm Wiring        Ittok LVII Mounted



DIY Scroder Tonearm (Beginnings)

     Basic Parts                   Arm Wand             Base Plate (Fortal)


  Arm/Magnet Pillar           Support Pillar             Basic Parts 2


  Top & Bottom               Left Top View              Top View             Front Left View  


     Back Right View



DIY Scroder Tonearm (Progress)

    Rear View                   Front View                Plan View





More to follow when there's time .................



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